Americana, Country, Medium to slow @ 80 BPM, written by Dennis Broughton                                Mood/ Patriotic," love of country" pride, Righteousness                                                                                    About; This proud veteran gets home from overseas and is ready to enjoy and  lay in to his southern country upbringing .He and his dog find wives. He has no respect and is disgusted with his neighbors as he heads off to serve again.                                                                                  lyrics:

I’m back home gonna head down south gonna hug my mama and catch me a large mouth, 
Fry me some chicken, get some turnip greens, hot water cornbread and sweet ice tea. 
My dog Joe he’s been all alone been sitting and waiting for me to get home. 
We going out, gonna howl at the moon, gonna find us some ladies and do what we can do. 
I did everything that they asked me to do, and I, walked real tall in my, my Army boots. 
I’m back home I’m gonna put them away, I’m gonna wear my tennis shoes, save them for another day. 
Late that night I’m a sitting at a bar when a blond pulls up in a Corvette car, 
Sittin on her right was a Blue Tick hound, the prettiest girls in all the whole town. 
One year later I’m in my back yard, I’m a cooking up alligator, playing 5 card. 
Down in the grass close to my feets were 3 little coon dogs and my new son Pete. 
I did everything that they asked me to and I, I walked real tall in my, my Army boots 
I’m back home I’m gonna put them away I’m gonna wear my tennis shoes… 
Well, A&E is standing at my front door said they want me to sign for a TV show 
I said you don’t want me yall get out of here, cause I got all my teeth and I popped another beer. 
They went to my neighbors and they signed him up, they got one crack head with a pick up truck 
He’s flat broke and he’s out of gas, he ain’t got a job been sitting on his………. 
All the world knows is what they see and they think that fool well he’s, he’s just like me   gotta leave I’m gonna serve this land I’m gonna wear my Army boots, walking like a real man

Americana ,Country, written by Dennis Broughton

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