Americana at it's finest , a country atmosphere. acoustic driven, acoustic ride with great piano fill.  written by;  Rick Hagler

 There are two versions of this song on the player to the right. One male vocal, Kerry Hunter, BPBB, and one Sarah vocal, both stellar. Sarah slowed the song down a little @ 122BPM, The BPBB version is 148 BPM.

Mood/ longing, frustration ,resolute , but hopeful, optimistic

ABOUT:                                                                                                                          Being stuck in a situation that you need to get out of, but  you have a duty, an obligation, to stay. You are dying to move on, but circumstances command your life. You can't go until, "maybe the first of the year, duty and conscience will not let you.  We have all been there. It might be a relationship. It might be a job, but you are stuck .  Both Kerry and Sarah capture the essence of the song, the    longing,  and hopeful optimism, of our  character.

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