Uptempo rocker @  153 BPM, written by Rodney  Nichols, Male Vocal, BPBB album, Blue Moon Shine

Mood/ Anxious but happy feel.                                                                                       About; This aging rocker is feeling his mortality, " I wish I was 20, I wish I was 30, hell,  I wish I was 40, but that was many years ago". He  fears he's loosing his grip on reality as he happily wakes up with a long legged beauty sitting beside him on the bed him, the same girl he had seen early in the day. He turns around and she's gone. He gets a wake up call from the old grim reaper with an open invitation for me, RSVP.  Sweet young thing saying goodbye to me. This is a fun, light hearted ,upbeat rocker, bringing to light  the many  underlying realities for us aging pickers.


I woke up this morning, crosstie walking with a long legged thing   sitting beside my bed,  messing with my head.                                    She made me wish I was 20, wish I was 30, hell, I wish I was 40          But that was many years ago, now I’m down the road,                       Sweet young thing saying goodbye to me,  

                                     Sweet Misery 

I must have been dreaming sleepy headed scheming,                             My head was off the hook, my mind was out of control                          I was on a roll, She was a vision of beauty a cyberspace cutie,            I did a double take, turned around and the girl was gone,                   Left me all alone, sweet young thing saying goodbye to me, 

                                        Sweet Misery 

I wake up by myself nearly every day, thinking about the good old times, I was quite the ladies man, I must say                                                A legend in my own mind, Sweet Misery,                                                     the older I get the better I used to be. 

                                        Lead Ride                                                                                                  3rd verse:

 Got up I was aching, my hands were shaking,                                            I had to have a drink to get myself out of bed, Johnny Walker Red Phone ringing off the wall it was a wake up call,                                     The old Grimm Reaper with an open invitation for me, RSVP            Sweet young thing saying goodbye to me, Sweet Misery 

                           Sweet Misery, Sweet Misery


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