Country/Americana, Upbeat @ 240 BPM, written by Rick Hagler, female vocal by Sarah Hobbs, Acoustic guitar driven with acoustic ride & Banjo fill,  Mood/Happy Relief, Determination, Confidence       ABOUT:                                                                                                                        Feeling better and finding  relief  now that you have finally made the hard decision that it's over, you have to move out, move on,  get on with life. The feel of the song, as well as, the outstanding vocal, projects the confidence and optimism of our character. Not my fault, you will have a hard time without me, I was fine before and will be fine now.                                                          So Long, Good Luck, Goodbye!


Today I thought of you and I tried to clear my head,                            Cause I think all the things you do are for somebody else instead,    I know that you can’t change your tune, so I’ll try to say goodbye. Yes I think, that we’re finally through, So Long Good Luck and Goodbye 


I don’t care anymore, what your reasons are                                                 I was looking when I hired on here                                                              so cold and lonely and shedding bitter tears,                                              So don’t get up, I won’t slam your door,                                                        I can’t live this way anymore,                                                                        Yes I think, that we’re finally through, So Long Good Luck and Good Bye 

Acoustic guitar Ride 


Altro                                                                                                                              So Long, I’m leaving you, Good Luck, you’re gonna need it                   Cause I think, yes I think, we’re finally through, so Long, Good Luck, and Goodbye,  So Long, Good Luck, and Goodbye

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Sarah Hobbs

singer, artist, song writer

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