It doesn't get more "Americana".  than this.                                        Quick, but not driving @ 168 BPM ,  Male vocal, with harmony         Acoustic driven with acoustic guitar ride.                                             written by Rodney Nichols, MOOD/ Nostalgic, happy contentment

      About; This song  vividly  portrays images of everyday life in small town America.  "Today's Friday Payday, Daddy's on the phone, calling up Mama I'm on the way Home". Little sister likes Jimmy  lives down the street, flashes him a big smile every time they meet. You really get the feel for, and a liking of,  small town life. No crime, everybody knows everybody, easy going. Like a visit to Mayberry. The Blue Moon shines on hearts so true, the blue moon shines on me and you, blue moon shines on lovers and friends, brings us all together again! You will feel like you have visited Mayberry.


Today's Friday payday, Daddy's on the phone, 
Calling up Mama, said," I'm headed home" 
He said," get ready", we gonna hit the dance floor, 
When he pulled up in the driveway, Mama waiting at the door, 
Blue moon shine on the bayou, blue moon shine 
Blue moon shine on hearts so true, down from heaven on me and you, 
Blue moon shine on lovers and friends,                                             brings us all together again 
2nd verse 
Little sister likes Jimmy, he lives down the street, 
she flashes him a big smile every time they meet 
standing on the corner underneath the light, There they stand talking all through the night 
Blue moon shine on the bayou, blue moon shine 

Chorus (then acoustic guitar ride) 
3rd verse 

Pappy's on the front porch sitting on the swing 
Granny's right beside him shelling butter beans 
Summer sun goes down, sipping ice tea, 
Thinking about the old days, golden memories 
Blue Moon shine on the bayou, blue moon shine 


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